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Company Name:Ace Sound Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:Taiwan, Taipei
Address:2F, 24, Lane 296, Da Du Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei, Taiwan
Zip/Post Code:112
Tel:886-2-28923642, 29815444
Contact Person:Mr. Eddie Lin
Job Title:Export Manager


"ACE SOUND ENTERPRISE CO., LTD." is one of leading manufacturers and exporters of various kinds of electronic parts, for example Battery Holders, Battery Snaps, Battery Contacts, etc., and have beeen engaged in this field for a long time since 1976, so we have goods and plenty of exprerience. Our products no only supply to the fabricators in our side for the use of exporting toys, computers, and electronic finishes products etc., but also export to U.S.A., H.K., U.K., GERMANY, JAPAN, KOREA, SINGAPORE, DENMARK, FRANCE, RUSSIA, and other Southeast Asian countries. As the best skill, the best qulaity and the best service which are our main policies, we have gained good and reliable reputation from our customers.
The greenhouse effect caused by global warming has put many species in the world on the verge of extinction. Energy saving and carbon reduction are common issues worldwide. Since its establishment in 1976, ASA has been committed to battery boxes, battery buckles, battery conductive sheets and other products for nearly 50 years. production and sales, feeling that the company also has a certain responsibility to the society. In 2022, under the leadership of Mr. T.P. Hwang, the company invested NT$5 million for the old riveting machine (Riveting Machine) and High Frequency Wave Laminating Machine (High Frequency Wave Laminating Machine) are comprehensively improved and updated. From August 2022, the old riveting machines driven by air compressors and motors will be replaced by computer-controlled servo electric cylinder riveting Servo Riveting Machine (Servo Riveting Machine), the biggest difference is that the new riveting machine removes the air compressor (Air Compressor) and drive motor (Motor), the air pressure generated by the body itself achieves the effect of riveting, and its operation method also considers The safety of the operator has increased, and the stability and accuracy of the battery box and battery buckle produced have been greatly improved. The biggest advantage is that the new riveting machine saves more than 50% of the power than the old riveting machine, reducing carbon emissions. The effect is not a problem. And from October 2022, the old high-frequency laminating machine will be replaced by a servo electric cylinder high-frequency laminating machine (Servo High Frequency Wave Laminating Machine). So far, the company's energy-saving and carbon-reducing production line has been fully improved. . Please buy ACE SOUND ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. products now, and make a contribution to energy saving and carbon reduction. Thank you for your cooperation!